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2019 6th International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering
(ICGCE 2019) Osaka, Japan, January 9-11, 2019

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2018 5th International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering
(ICGCE 2018) Phuket, Thailand, January 10-12, 2018

Upgrading lignin-derived bio-oil over a noble catalyst (Pt/C) in ethanol/formic acid media
Mohammad Nazrul Islam, Golam Taki, Md Masud Rana, Seong-Jae Park, Jeong-Hun Park
Chonnam National University, Republic of Korea

Sorption characteristics of cadmium in a silty loam soil of Mae Ku creek, Tak Province, Thailand
P Thunyawatcharakul and S Chotpantarat
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

River Aquifer Interaction in Lower Gandak Command Area in Bihar, India
Vivekanand Singh, Chandan Raj and Biswajit Chakraborty
National Institute of Technology Patna, India

A numerical approach for the analytical solution of the general temperature field for the final disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste
Cheng-Wei Wu, Chao-Shi Chen, Tzu-Ming Lin, Justin Chang and Chia-Huei Tu
National Cheng Kung University, China

A Novel, Graft Copolymer Approach for Color-tunable, Mesoporous Bragg Stack Layers and Its Applications for Energy Device
Chang Soo Lee, Jae Hun Lee, Byeong Ju Park, and Jong Hak Kim
Yonsei University, Korea

Graft copolymer/homopolymer blend template for bimodal porous TiO2 photoanode of solar energy conversion device
Jin Kyu Kim, Jung Yup Lim, Cheol Hun Park, Jong Hak Kim
Yonsei University, Republic of Korea

2017 4th International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering
(ICGCE 2017) Penang, Malyaisa, January 8-10, 2017

Climate Change Impacts on Energy Demand of Madrid Buildings
Roberto San Jose, Juan Luis Pérez, Libia Pérez, and Rosa Maria Gonzalez
Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain
Sulfur-Asphalt Site Construction Trial in Kuwait
Salah E. Zoorob and Suad K. Al-Bahar
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait
Selected Heavy Metals in Penaeus vannamei (White Prawn) in Aquaculture Pond near Likas Lagoon, Sabah, Malaysia
Wei Peng Lee, Carolyn Payus, Siti Aishah Mohd Ali, and Leong Wan Vun
Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia
Modeling and Development of Run-of-River Cascade Hydropower Plants in Nepal
Raju Rai and Ken Nagasaka
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

2016 3rd International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering
(ICGCE 2016) Penang, Malyaisa, January 12-13, 2016

Session 1: B1003
Treatment of High Salinity Wastewater Rich in Nitrate and Phosphate Using Sequential Bioreactors System
Saud Al-Shammari and A. Shahalam

Session 2: C0004
Development of Motion-Blur-Compensated High-Speed Moving Visual Inspection Vehicle for Tunnels
Tomohiko Hayakawa

 2015 2nd International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering
 (ICGCE 2016)
Dubai, UAE, January 10-11, 2015

Bacterial “Masons” at Work with Wastes for Producing Eco-Cement
O. A. Cuzman, L. Wittig, F. J. Royo Abancéns, C. Herrera, N. R. Anastasi, and L. Sánchez Alonso

Can Shale Oil Prevent The Price Down Fall?
Y. Norouzi
Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

Application of Curve Number Method for Estimation of Runoff Potential in GIS Environment
Ishtiyaq Ahmad, Vivek Verma, and Mukesh Kumar Verma
National Institute of Technology Raipur , Chhattisgarh, India

 2014 International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering
(ICGCE 2014) Macau, January 24-25, 2014

High Molecular Sericin from Bombyx Mori Cocoons: Extraction and Recovering by Ultrafiltration
Marcelino L. Gimenes, Vitor R. Silva, Melissa G. A. Vieira, Meuris G. C. Silva, and Agnes P. Scheer

Effect of Different Types of Music on Rosa Chinensis Plants
Vidya Chivukula and Shivaraman Ramaswamy



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2019 6th International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering (ICGCE 2019)